Sunday, July 12, 2009


Seeing old friends is great.

You know what else is great?
To be able to respond
when asked "How are you?" with
"I'm cancer free -- and
I'm depression free."

I call them
the "Big C"
and the "Dirty D"

There's power in a name.
Liberating power as well as oppressive power.
There's calm centering power,
and there's also the
whimsical redeeming power of nicknames.

What are some of your favorite nicknames
for struggles or Pains-in-the-Neck?
Favorite practical jokes?
Dreaded foods, days, or tasks?
Alter-egos or an Inner Child?


Trevor said...

Very cool blog! My friends here now call me Sasquatch because I guess I'm big and cuddly or hairy...idk! But my favorite nickname is for Sonya, Pookies, because of all its personal and emotional meaning to the both of us...keep on writing!!!

Margaret said...

Ginny! Your blog looks like one of your altered book pages... so fantabulously YOU! What a joy to see and get to "hear" your voice through Ginny-words of healing and hope. I will look forward to more!


Cody said...

I think that this will be a great place for you to speak what is on your heart! I look forward to reading more!

Skip said...

Blessings upon this ministry and your emergence.

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