Friday, July 10, 2009

Tranquil Waters, Gentle Waves

Every Friday morning I meet a group of friends
at one of the parks in the Denver area.

Today we gathered near the Vintage Boathouse at Wash Park.
We spread my Great-Great-Aunt-Sissy's quilt with its faded pink flowers
beneath huge lakeside shade trees and lounged with
our coffee, tea, and morning snacks.

The peaceful water seemed to soothe everything around us.
Even the white geese with trailing toddlers
were more tranquil than usual.

I gazed out over the gently drifting current
and thought of friends whose days and realistic expectations
are anything but calm, serene, or tranquil.

Hundreds of applications and dozens of interviews,
sleepless nights and stressful days,
anxious weeks extending into months.

How long? How long, O Lord? echoes the 13th Psalm.
How long must sorrow remain? How long?

There are no words sufficient for my hopes.
But there are gentle waves drifting by.

1 comment:

Doris said...

Thank you for these thoughts and for using Our Aunt's quilt as you remembered friends known and unknown through the gentle waves. I looked up Psalm 13 again. Verses 5 & 6 touch me. More please as you find the"sufficient words for my hopes."
If you have not read THE SHACK by William P. Young yet, please do so. I plan to bring up the website: also.

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