Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gazing as Prayer without Words

Just look at the serene blues and greens in this watercolor --
and the tranquil reflections in the water are amazing!
It's the lake I wrote about a couple of posts back.
I'm so grateful to Mike Thomas for permission to use
Boathouse at Smith Lake, Washington Park, Denver.
It really gives a wonderful impression of the the park.

I love how our thoughts and feelings can be subtly
affected by contemplating a setting like this. Last Friday
as I gazed at the currents flowing across the lake,
I slowly rested into hope; that was my prayer.
Words were unnecessary.

When talking isn't helpful and words only get in the way,
gazing at an image can help shift our thoughts -- and in turn
shift our physical and emotional reactions.

For example, have you ever found that talking about a problem
doesn't bring relief, but instead causes a tense visceral reaction?
Things like an anxious tightness in the back, churning knots
in the stomach, or tense clinching around the shoulders.
What I tend to notice first is how my voice rises a level or
two ... or three ... and how my pattern of speech often begins
to gallop into breakneck speed.

By gazing at a calm scene or a soothing watercolor like this,
our mindful attentiveness can become prayer.
When our lives are disrupted and our souls disturbed,
when words are insufficient even in prayer, we can
allow our gaze to settle into prayer without words.


Anonymous said...

Many times I often think about how GOD uses nature's four seasons to change up the earth's tapestry and bless us with a renewed sense of peace, hope and inspired awe. Wonderfully written, Ginny.

Elaine V

Doris said...

Yes, I love the watercolor and would like to TRY painting a similarity. Wonderful words and thoughts. I am so glad to know that others love prayer without words.

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