Monday, November 1, 2010

Sharing the Halloween Candy? Really?

"Madison was hilarious last night."
(She's my 2 year old granddaughter.)
"We would go trick-or-treating to one house and they would 
give her a piece of candy.  Madison would hold onto it 
and when we went to the next house she would 
try to give them that piece of candy when they gave her one.

They would say, “'Madison, that’s yours.'
 So she would put it in her bag and hold the candy they gave her.

When we went to the next house she would do it again, and try to
give them the piece of candy she was holding 
when they gave one to her.
'That’s yours Madison,' they said. 
So she would put that one in her bag and hold the candy they gave her.

At the next house ... 
Oh, and while I’m telling you this Madison is saying 
'Mom ... Mom ... Mom,'
like I’m not supposed to tell you about this."


Silly Girl #2 said...

We can learn a lot from little ones. They share anabashedly, love openly without strings attached. They are often a lot wiser than we give them credit for.

Kristin said...

So cute!! Just goes to show how giving children are :)

Cody said...

Need a new post! Miss seeing your thoughts!

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