Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sun! Flowers

Passing the Sunflower Farm without stopping
just wasn't an option.
I pulled over to photograph the rows and rows of
sunflowers with every single yellow flower 
turned toward the early morning sun.
(I know.  Duh.)
But -- Look!
Every single flower turned toward the sun!
It was so amazing I wanted to climb in there,
right in the middle of all those flowers!
Fortunately ...
there was an end to the barbed wire.
(See me taking the pic?)
I started taking photos ... 
and noticed the amazing bees
... of all kinds
... and all sizes!
Then I discovered how beautiful the flowers were from
the back.  (There's still a bee, too.)
Finally I took my farewell photos ...
rows and rows of the backs of all those sunflowers.


Silly Girl #2 said...

What lovely perspective on the flowers and bees. These pics are definitely cheery. :)

Cody said...

My grandfather used to raise sunflowers. What beauty we can find in those fields, and what amazing lessons are there for us to discover. Fields of beautiful sunflowers always remind me of him. Thanks for the reminder this morning!

Anonymous said...

Little children are urged by the media and often by their colleagues to fear bees (and most other non-human creatures, horribly). When that kicked in with our son I taught him to say, "I love you, bee" so he wouldn't smell of adrenaline, frighten the bee, and get stung. Well, and also in hopes that he'd start to love bees. On Tuesday as we walked to his Kindergarten a bee began buzzing his chin. "I love you, bee," he said edgily, holding still till I moved the bee away. It was automatic and beautiful.

And he does, indeed, love bees now.

Mary Ann

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