Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Put Your Anger to Good Use: Those @^*&/!# *%/!#@s!

I love the creative ways some people 
throw down the gauntlet 
in the face of trouble and the garbage of life!

Here's a reproach and metaphor I like:
...those microscopic &*/@!# cancer cells! 
(Insert "Old Testament" thoughts of smiting, 
destruction, pestilence, and burnt offerings here).

Hah! Makes me want to adopt this for the DirtyD word. 
Depression lurks in the same insidious way, 
and we similarly wonder if/when
it will launch a surprise attack from within.

So that you can 
use some of this anger in a positive way
I've re-created
a visual journal page for you.
What do you want to glare at Kabuki style?
What pestilence do you want to smite and destroy?
Go for it!!!  

You can highlight and then save or print this image;
it's one that will work well in black & white or color.

Use the label for your battle cry 
or your own list of creative anger-symbols.

Then use expressive gestures or fonts
as you write/scribble/scrawl your thoughts.
(you can place a text-box on the pages
after saving them on your computer.) 

Post or email me a copy of your creation.
Let's put that anger to good use
to name and &*/@!# those &^*@/#!!!*
depressive cancerous *%/!#@s! 

Journal Blessings!


Anonymous said...

I know how critical energy sources are in depression-- but anger's so risky as an energy source. (It's a good, good friend as a point of information, though. I'm glad I know that now.) I'd use it-- I'd use anything, I think-- to break inertia when depressed, but I'd fear dependence on it and addiction to it.

Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your blog; the posting on anger is certainly appropos for me. I was just telling a friend yesterday how filled with anger I am. I am going to make my own picture!


Silly Girl #2 said...

Depression Dragon
The fierce dragon whose name is Depression
I struggle with trying to tame.
I want so bad to make a good impression,
but cannot, and am feeling such shame.
I try not to show my emotions
for fear that I won’t be accepted.
By folks that have their own notions
‘bout who is kept or rejected.
But that bad old dragon comes a creeping
wrecking havoc on my self esteem.
And I wind up in the corner weeping,
trying to find the courage to redeem
myself because I am unable
to escape its monstrous maw.
I would like for once to be able
to stare it down, though the pain is raw.
I’d command it to let me be for a while.
So I can summon the courage
to face the world with a smile.

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