Friday, August 27, 2010

Flying High

Today I finished altering this photo of mom.
That afternoon mom and her friends were goofing off,
hanging around in front of Crowell High School.
One of the young men picked her up and 
set her in this niche to the side of the front doors.

I've always loved this picture and
decided to play with it. 
Austin is just below mom's feet and
she holds the Yellow Rose of Texas.
Austin is where mom and dad got married,
and we celebrated that symbolic yellow rose on
their 50th anniversary family reunion cruise.

Perched high on a telephone pole (mom, do you 
remember your first telephone? would you write in the
comments any stories you remember?) mom is 
surrounded by hummingbirds that she
loves to paint with her water colors.

As I finish this post one of my favorite shows,
Who Do You Think You Are?
has just finished tracing the ancestry of
someone who explored census records, country
cemeteries, and marriage certificates.

We are fortunate to have some of our
family history recorded in an autobiography
mom wrote during her high school years.

Click below to read how three families in heavily ladened
prairie schooners left the hills of Tennessee for Texas in 1851:

...somewhere in the rear came Squire Campbell's
iron grey hunter and his fox hounds, for he
hoped in the new country to continue the chase of the fox ...

I love hearing family stories, looking at photos,
and then letting my imagination wander freely
as I think about who I am ... and who I might be.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story Gramma composed...made my day to look at the world through her eyes as a young girl.

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