Friday, July 16, 2010

Thinking of dad

Dad's birthday would have been on the 14th
and so I decided to create a
birthday present for all of us in his memory.

All I know is that this is dad as a young adult -- 
mom, would you add in the comments
anything about his age or what he
was doing around this time?

I've also included a copy of the original
vintage photo below for anyone 
who would like to copy it.

Love you dad.  Love you mom.
Love all of you.


charles said...

Thanks, Aunt Ginny, for the wonderful rendering of that photo. I think Granddad looks happy. His eyes look resolute and purposeful. Perhaps he had a glimpse of the future, of his children's successes and happiness, and the warm sense of fulfillment that springs from that trueest legacy. And there certainly is a quiet confidence in his face, that undoubtedly comes from knowing he has the straightest compass of love, compassion, and wisdom by his side to help him achieve that most fulfilling future.

Ginny Bettendorf said...

Thanks Chad -- Yes, mom/gramma/gg has always been a sure compass for us!

Doris said...

Third try, comment from mom. Your dad was probably about 19 or 20 in this picture. It was taken before I knew him of course as we met at The university of Texas when he returned from The War after being wounded, spend much time in the hospital, then finally returning to UT (after Jr. College in California). He and a group of friends joined the National Guard, knowing that war was eminent. Or it could have been after they were called into service, each being anxious to serve his time. Yes, I thought about him all day o the 14th. He would have been 92.

Doris said...

You both gave me credit unearned. That happy smile no doubt came from being so happy to be in Texas AT The University, which was his goal for a long time. Or the happiness he found in the Army, where people accepted him as he was and had great confidence in him.
Finally, we did meet, never knowing what was about to be accomplished from this beautiful family we began. I do wish he could have seen how it is still blooming with wonderful accomplishments still in production.
"....stop and consider God's wonders." Job 37:14
mom, gramma

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