Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where are you going?

Time ...  Space ... 
These are gifts I have for awhile. 
I just finished a farewell lunch with
staff at my interim position.
It was wonderful being present these past months,
and a blessing to turn things over to Jessica.  

So ... what's next?  
How will I use this time and space?
How do you use yours?
How do you wish you could use yours?

It occurs to me that 
however little
 or however much we have,
the Cheshire Cat's wisdom for Alice holds true:
"If you don't know where you are going
any path will get you there."

Where are you going?
Where do you hope to go?
Leave a comment and let us know!

1 comment:

Cody said...

Where am I going? We have talked about this many times before. And I find it best when I just take one step forward and keep going where I am led. Where will it take me? That is one that I have no clue!

Love the picture on this one!!

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