Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'd Love to ... But ...

Learning to slow down is a life-long journey for me.

It's not so much learning how ...
if I've forgotten every tip I've ever learned
all I have to do is search the internet and there is
more info than I've ever wanted ...
and I still haven't even begun to slow down.

Usually it's a matter of
following one of my favorite ad slogans:
Just Do It.

Sit still.  Stand still.
Notice.  Breathe.

There.  Do you feel it?
For just a moment we slowed down.
Isn't it a bit different?
Enjoy .. then move on.


Sonya said...

I love this...what a beautiful reminder to slow down. Taking time to slow down, experience the moments, and appreciate all that surrounds me has been a life-long challenge. When I do take time to slow down, it's amazing what I see, feel, and hear.

Sonya said...

This piece of art looks new (?). I love the colors, the textures, and the "things" that you have chose to use. I find myself staring at your creative pieces and thinking about possible interpretations and meanings. I love the hand and the bridge in this piece.

Doris said...

What a shame I have not slowed down enough to open your blog in soooo many days. My first thought was our special quote. "Be still and know that I am God." (Ps 46:10a) Mother was the first to teach us. I am still thankful for her beautiful insight as she taught me through the years. Now I am learning from you; thank you for your wonderful words, thoughts, ideas, joys, sorrows, the blessings you spread...
I love you more than I can say,

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