Monday, July 27, 2009

Grace: Unconditional No-Matter-What Love

Who does this bring to mind?
Is there someone in your life that
provides this kind of love?

In our family it's 
Mom.  Gramma.  GG (Great-Gramma).
Everyone ... every child, every niece,
every nephew, every grandchild,
every great-grandchild ... everyone
has said at one time or another
Gramma will be there for us No Matter What.

No-Matter-What Love.
Always there.  Always will be.  Always.
That's Grace.
Who do you love like this?
Notice how you're changed, even as
you think about loving someone in this way.
Now ... Enjoy. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a lovely way to be recognized. Thank you so much. Yes I love you all more than you will ever know. And I WILL always be there for you, no matter what.
mom, gramma, gg

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